The Berry Islands

The Berry Islands were our last stop in the Bahamas before heading back to the states. The islands are just over 100 miles east-southeast of Miami Beach. Only a few of them are inhabited, and a few tiny ones are owned by cruise lines, which use them for their guests as private playgrounds. After leaving … More The Berry Islands

Sporty Conditions

Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands, April 11 The boat was climbing, up, up, up, into the wave. I was at the helm while Matt navigated the charts and sails. The bow of the boat kept climbing, and I realized I could no longer see the water. We were riding the wave up, then suddenly, “boom,” … More Sporty Conditions

Last day in Georgetown

Georgetown, the cruisers’ Mecca, was our ultimate destination in the Bahamas.  Hundreds of anchored boats that look like a floating village at night (and by day for that matter), with lots to do within natural Elizabeth Harbour.  Great times with with new and old boating friends, as well as pasty white family members flying in … More Last day in Georgetown